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NJ- Princeton (2012)

Collection of Einstein photos from Priceton Historical Society Exhibition. Also the photos taken in the house he lived and the place he worked in Princeton.

I learnt about Einstein from my uncle during my school days in Udumalpet. He had a book by Lincoln Barnett on Einstein. It had a cartoon of outer space with several planets and one of them said “Einstein lived here”. Later on Abraham Pais wrote a book under the same title. It is implied that if aliens from outer space are more intelligent than we are, they will respect the earth only due to the the fact “Einstein lived here” because he came up with universal laws of space and time continuum needed for long distance travel. If Einstein lived on earth, then I am happy to live close to the house where he lived for 22 years. It is in Princeton, NJ. Princeton Historical Society had a rare exhibition of Einstein’s belongings and I caught it on time. Enjoy the pictures. For additional details refer to Wikipedia and Inst for Adv. Study websites


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