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Bharati Documentary (English, Dec. 11,2018)

Subramania Bharati (Dec 11, 1882- Sept. 9, 1921)

Subramania Bharati, the renaissance figure of modern Tamil Literature, was born in Ettayapuram, Tamilnadu. As a single major force he revolutionized Tamil poetry with great lyrical beauty and brought it closer to people as never before. Early in his life, he was drawn towards mainstream nationalism and his powerful writings incensed the British government forcing him into exile in 1908 in the then French territory, Pondicherry. He lived there for a decade and wrote some of his major works. In his poetic and prose works, Bharati as a true modernist championed nationalism, caste-less society and equality for women. He was a unique spiritualist and expressed profound compassion for all living beings. He was also one of the pioneers of Indian Journalism. He returned to British India in 1918 and was immediately imprisoned for a brief period. He met Mahatma Gandhi in 1919. Bharati died at the age of 38.

The documentary is the realistic portrayal of the poet, freedom fighter, spiritualist and the man. It is based on facts, not on fiction. It covers the number of towns and homes where Bharati lived such as Varanasi, Chennai, Pondicherry, Madurai, Ettayapuram. Kadayam and Tirunelveli. It has the rare pictures of Bharati, his family and friends. Two elderly gentlemen who have met Bharati narrate their experiences  and bring Bharati to life.

The work is a product of love and two years of hard work. Both English and Tamil versions are meant for everyone but especially suited for students and young people. It frees them from the burden of browsing many books and reference sources and helps them to get to know  this great man easily.

Subramania Bharati (English/44 min/First Version-2000; later revised and shortened from 63 min)

Script: Indira Parthasarathi

Camera: P.S. Dharan

Music: L. Vaidyanathan

Editing: S.Gautam

Produced by: N.Muruganandam

Directed by: Amshan Kumar



Following patrons and organizations were happy to provide financial assistance for this project to pay tribute to Bharati and his life.  

New Jersey Tamil Sangam

State Bank of India, New York City Branch

Geetha and Paul Pandian, Texas

Mridula and S Anbarasan, New Jersey

Saradambal and N.Muruganandam, New Jersey

Rama and Ravi Subramanian, New Jersey

Lalitha and A.Sunderrajan, Oklahoma

Karpukkarasi and K. Ayyanathan, New Jersey

Thulasi and Chandra B Chandran, New Jersey

Komathi and S.Muthusamy, New Jersey

Banu and Vellore S.Parithivel, New York

Saraswati and B.Radhakrishnan, New Jersey

Vijayalakshmi Rajagopalan, New York

Chandra and G. Rajaram, Connecticut

Sivakami and Natarajan Rathinam, New York

Jeeva and K. Sivaraman, New Jersey

Nirmala and P. Sundaram, New Jersey

Ananthi and K. Venkat, New Jersey

Heera and Ghouse Ismail, New Jersey

Sasikala and M.N.Krishnan, New York

Priya and G. Thukaram, New Jersey

Alagammai and V. Venkatachalam, New York

Vijayalakshmi and S. Balu, New Jersey

Krishna and P. Dayanidhi, New Jersey

Lakshmi Mani, New Jersey

Vasanthi and Ilango Radhakrishnan, Illinois

Manonmani and Muthu G Mudaliar, New Jersey

Suryakala and S.L. Narasimhan, New Jersey

Padma and K. Parameswaran, New Jersey

Bhanu and R.S. Ranganathan, New Jersey

Usha and Nethra Sambamurthy, New jersey

Padma and C. Shanmugam, New York

Sujatha and R. Subramanian, New Jersey

Govi and V.S.Subramanian, New Jersey

Vanaja and Sunderrajan, New Jersey

Selvamani and K.M.Sundaram, New Jersey

Easwari and R. Swaminathan, New Jersey

Priya and G. Thukaram, New Jersey

Jayanthi and Venkatachalam, New Jersey

Bhagirathi and S. Venkatraman, New Jersey

Vasanthi and S.P.Viswanathan, Texas

I also acknowledge my  late wife Saradambal Muruganandam for her untiring efforts in contacting everyone regarding the Bharati project.

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