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Tamilnadu- Namakkal (2016)

 I visited Namakkal (250 miles south west of Chennai) along with few relatives during my last trip to India. We only spent few hours but learnt a lot about a cave temple designated as national monument, the family deity of mathematical genius Ramanujan and the tallest Anjaneya idol in Tamilnadu. Even a small place in India is endowed with rich history of several centuries. A word of caution. There is a change in the web album format.Today I have to send it through Google Photos instead of my usual Picasa web album. Google has stopped supporting Picasa web album to standardize their photo platforms. You can use slide show format in this Google Photos by clicking more options icon (3 vertical dots). It will be a quick show but won’t have captions. To see captions you have to click the individual photo and use the “i” info button. There is also a comment section at the bottom of the photo where the viewer can provide input. If you are using a small screen smart phone, hold it horizontally to reduce the number of lines in this text.

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