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WY- Devils Tower and Cody (2017)

Wyoming is the next state we visited in our journey. It is a cowboy country with vast areas of grass lands, wild life and sparse population. As we were heading for the main attractions namely Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, on the way we stopped at three locations namely, Devils Tower, Sheridan and Cody.

Devils Tower is a sculpture carved by nature patiently for 60 million years. We were there only for couple of hours but it has stayed with me mentally ever since. The sacred tower for many Indian tribes, known as “Bear’s Lodge” is stuck with the name- “Devils Tower”. The awesome tower, rising above the ground in an open field under vast sky is something wonderful during daytime and something spiritual at night time. Though I was not there during night time in this trip, I happened to see the pictures of night sky over the tower in the National Park Service website and very much wished we stayed overnight.

We spent a night in Sheridan. It is a city where Buffalo Bill Cody(1846-1917) hung out for sometime. His residence (Sheridan Inn) is a National Historic Landmark. After Sheridan, we went to Cody, a town named after Buffalo Bill. There we saw a museum in his name and learned more about him. He is a legend of the old west. He was not only a sharp shooter but also an excellent entertainer. He performed shows all over the world where he demonstrated cowboy skills and broadcast the beauty of wild west. The Buffalo Bill Museum also has interesting exhibits on Western Art and The Plains Indians.

The album contains detailed pictures of Devils Tower and a brief coverage of Buffalo Bill Museum.


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